As an educator, I would teach my students about the world through textbook lessons, pictures and videos. We would learn about the cultures and geography of places that existed beyond our school walls. I remember the exact moment when I declared, “That’s it! I’m going!” From that point forward, I would include my own experiences to authentically teach. 

I have taken solo, group and family trips across the globe. From these experiences, people have trusted my travel knowledge and advice and I feel privileged to help others Discover New Adventures. Whether it is a solo trip, honeymoon, family or group trip, I have been able to plan memorable travel experiences for my clients. 

I am the adventurous friend! I am the one who will sometimes wander off the beaten path. Travel is essential to my well-being and I truly believe that to travel is to live, so travel deeply and travel often. 

Discover New Adventures!

Tisha Wheeler, Travel Planner