Safety Tips for Your Next Trip

  • If you’re bringing a suitcase, make sure your luggage is labeled with your name and phone number, but not your home address. Would-be thieves look for opportunities to know when you aren’t home, which means if your bag is somewhere else, you probably are too. Keep it safe and just list your phone number, or maybe an email address, so you can be contacted easily and reconnect with your lost bag. 
  • Consider buying a luggage lock. These come in a variety of colors and styles. Make sure whichever one you purchase is TSA-compliant, should there be any issues with your bag. Many bags come with locks already installed on them, too! 
  • Be sure to notify your credit card company that you are traveling, along with where you are going and the dates you will be gone. They can monitor any suspicious activity on your account and help ensure you won’t go without a way to pay for something while out of town. 
  • Consider purchasing RFID protection for your wallet and passport, particularly if you are traveling abroad. Keeping these valuable items safe is important as technology increases. Thieves no longer have to rely on pickpocketing to steal your information – they can simply come near you with a handheld scanner and grab your information without your knowledge. 
  • Protect valuable items on your person by purchasing a slash-proof bag. These come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, so you can find a bag that fits your budget and needs, all while keeping your valuables safe no matter where you travel. 
  • Many travelers purchase travel insurance to ensure coverage if anything unexpected happens on their trip. There are many options for every kind of trip, so be sure to ask your travel agent about adding this insurance on to your vacation for peace of mind. 
  • Pack travel size hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray and/or wipes to wipe down airplane seats and surrounding areas as well as other areas while you are traveling. These could be useful in hotels, restaurants or any surface you want to make sure is clean.